D2SI guide to IT automation - now available for pre-order!



"Automation is the logical next step for IT. We are now at a stage where we are able to use technology to free up our teams from basic tasks. It would be a shame not to do so.”
It is in these terms that Alain Voiment, CTO of the GBIS entity of Société Générale, presents IT automation in “The Rise of IT Automation - Guidelines for tackling the transition”.

A guide to best practices for automation, this book is aimed at IT managers and decision-makers who want to build an automation strategy in order to help their company meet business needs, and also at professionals who wish to move towards new roles in tomorrow’s IT.

This guide will enable readers to gain a better insight into the stakes involved in automation and its implementation – Alain Voiment

“The Rise of IT Automation - Guidelines for tackling the transition”, the reference work, is available for pre-order. This guide is based on over 5 years experience of IT automation projects, and includes insights to help readers fully understand the deep evolution of IT work.



Client foreword

A message from the CEO

Chapter 1 : Introduction, Automation within the IT strategy

  • A little background
  • Benefits of automation
  • Automation vs orchestration

Chapter 2 : Analysing items to be automated

  • Understanding why we automate, and for whom
  • Automating a process rather than a set of tasks
  • Adapting processes

Chapter 3 : Tool selection

  • Automation tools
  • Focus on APIs
  • The automation tool ecosystem

Chapter 4 : Taking the right approach to automation

  • At a human level
  • Planning the work
  • The life-cycle of an automaton

Chapter 5 : Commodity cloud

  • Continuously innovating to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Profound changes due to disruptive innovation
  • The next breakthrough : commodity cloud
  • Preparing the move towards the cloud
The authors of The Rise of IT Automation


Quite a pioneer, Christophe began working on automation in the US for a large telecommunications company. On returning to France in 2007, he joined D2SI to continue working on orchestration. He now manages IT automation projects for a variety of top multinational companies.



A seasoned architect, with both tech and strategical experience, Laurent is the leader of D2SI’s cloud offering. An early adopter of cloud and open-source solutions, he is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and solutions, such as AWS, Puppet, Salt and many more.



With a mixed background in both IT and managing innovative projects, Charlotte also has experience in diverse fields such as humanoid robotics and social business. Since joining D2SI in 2012, she has been helping advise multinational companies on automating their IT infrastructure.